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Diamonds, while preciously predictable, are still a classic gift suitable for a princess.

A diamond is forever starting now. Wear it to the Nutcracker. Then wear it the rest of your life. Then theirs.

Reynolds and Company Jewelers
Precious Gems, Fine Jewelry & Watcvhes
Estate & Heirloom Jewelry

Reynolds and Co. was founded in 1974 by Bob Reynolds after he had worked as vice president of a local jewelry chain for 12 years. He was very well known as the personalized jeweler in the hidden gardens of beautiful downtown Winter Park. He had a great reputation for knowing his customers and their wishes because he was a great listener.

David, Bob's son, had worked with his dad in the store and when Bob passed away in 1990 David took over his father’s family business. Reynolds continues to serve their customers in the same great manner as Bob did continuing to carry the finest jewelry consisting of simple elegant pieces to the newest designs that come from Europe and some of the best U.S. designers.

We are very knowledgeable on watches and carry some of the finest Swiss watch lines that we like and that our customers are asking for. We also have a great watchmaker on the premises that can help with watch repairs and any questions you may have on watches, especially Swiss watches. Come in and see if he can answer your questions.

Come in and see us; men and women alike; pick out all of your favorite jewelry and watches. We will take your sizes and start a wish list for you so that anyone who buys for you will know what you like, and everyone will be happy!